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You’ve officially landed on my website! The Fashion Factor is so happy to have you here! Because we are committed to providing you with an enriched experience, this page provides for an explanation to navigating the site with ease. The Fashion Factor focuses on food and fashion as its highlights of interest, with South Africa as its general back drop. Read on for more information and start ‘clicking’ your way through fashion and foodie heaven!


Here you will find all the latest fashion-related articles curated by Editor-in-chief, Raeesa Naik (that would be me!). I regularly publish my personal style under “My Lookbook”, so here you can peruse my take on the season’s trends. I typically style an outfit and we get a photographer to take photos, with characteristic South African scenes in the background. I am currently based in Cape Town, so expect to see a lot of Cape Town scenery!

“Shop the Look” is for the discerning shopper who would like to purchase items that I personally love. “News” and “Events” are both for exciting fashion-related ‘happenings’. Occasionally, I like to cover “Celeb Chic”, “Runway” and “Trends” when I feel that this is going to make for a riveting piece.


This is a new, but fast-growing addition to The Fashion Factor family. For those who are searching for the ultimate South African or foreign treat, you can check out the “Food” section with its delectable goodies. Food is undeniably something that a lot of South Africans are die-hard about. I dedicate this segment to: fabulous foodie products that I come across, reviews of restaurants and eateries which I have personally experienced, and most importantly – my very own favourites recipes.


Here at The Fashion Factor, we take on a holistic approach that is all about loyalty to our readers. As a professional online publication, we do accept products/services for review, however please note that anything featured on this site will be of the fair opinion of those having benefited from the good or service. We reserve the right to publish an article about any goods received subject to terms and conditions laid out before receiving said goods.

Please contact me via the “Contact me” page for enquiries about working with us.

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We would love to hear your thoughts! Get clicking, commenting and don’t hesitate to send me an email for all your fashion and food related queries. We are all about making new friends and spreading love, peace and blessings.

“My place in this cosmos is set in platinum”

Happy browsing, and welcome to The Fashion Factor family. We hope to hear from you soon! ❤

Yours truly,

Raeesa Naik (Creative head and Editor-in-chief)


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